April 25th, 2018


April 25th, 2018



“A1. FS 4 x 5 @ Use BB and No Tempo this week rest as needed (note chagnes in tempo)
A2. FAT Bar Curl 4 x 7
B1. Seated on Floor SA Arnold Press 4 x 6 per side
B2. Strict T2b x 5 + Strict PU 3-5 x 4 sets
rest as needed after B’s
4 sets
20-30 DU’s
2 TGU per side (HAP)
1 Shuttle run (faster each set) Parking lot
rest as needed
3 sets
Side Plank Reach Throughs w/ DB (Reach Up then through, while maintaining side plank (8 per)
Arch Hold w/ PVC 30-45 sec (hands shoulder width)
SA KB Situp x 5 per side (the slower the better)”


A1. Double DB bent over row 3×10
A2. Seated DB press 50/35 3×6
B1. Push up (bottom position) ring support 3x30sec
*This is an active position. Try not to get lazy in this hold. Elbows should stay close to body.
B2. 45 sec Hollow hold

5 rounds:
400m run
30 DU
20 KB swings
10 HR Push ups