April 12th, 2017


April 12th, 2017


I wanted to give you all a shoutout for the hard work put in today. I was very excited to see so many of you really working hard on those shoulder taps (comp group). And my fitness crew, your stead work through the day makes for a great workout.

Also, great job everyone with keep the gym clean!! I’ve notice an awesome change in the way we’ve been keeping up with the equipment we take out. Especially the weight coming off the sleds. Great job on this guys, keep it up!

Lastly, be sure to check out our updated success stories HERE!


@ 75-80%
1 min Row
1 min Run
1 min sled push (Light) down and back
1 min American KBS
x 5 sets
4 sets
75′ Bear Crawl
45-60 sec Farmer Carry w/ KB’s (1 kb per hand)
5-7 HS Kick Ups


5 sets
SA FW 45 sec per side (HAP)
HS Hold with weight vest 45-60 sec
Strict PU with hollow body (w/ vest) 4-5
25 Hollow Rocks
Cool Down/ Stretch
2-3 sets
50′ Ostritch Walk
50 Horse Walk
Spiderman Crawl