April 11th, 2018


April 11th, 2018



“A1. Double KB FS 5 x 5 @ 33×1 rest as needed
A2. Zottman DB Curl 4 x 7 each side
B1. SA KB Push Press 4 x 7 per side
B2. Strict T2b x 5 + Strict PU 3-5 x 4 sets
rest as needed after B’s
4 sets
12 American KBS
1 Shuttle run (faster each set)
rest as needed
3 sets
Side Plank Reach Throughs w/ DB (Reach Up then through, while maintaining side plank (8 per)
Arch Hold w/ PVC 30-45 sec (hands shoulder width)
SA KB Situp x 5 per side (the slower the better)”


“A1. Handstand Complex: 15sec HS hold + 4 shoulder taps + 4 kipping HSPU x 4 sets
A2. Bottom Pistol Leg lift 4 x 10 reps per leg
A3. Support Up & Overs (Parellets) 4 x 10

4 Rounds:

1 sled push
6 T2B
10 Cal AB
12 weighted WL (per leg)

Ring Muscle Up Practice
False grip ring rows
Practice Toe Nail strict transition
Practice Gymnastic Swing *These are NOT meant to be huge swings. start small and work on staying TIGHT*”