April 10th, 2018


April 10th, 2018



“A1. SL and SA RDL 4 x 7 per side
A2. HPC 5-4-4-3 (weight gets heavier each set) rest as needed
B1. AB 4 x 15/cals AFAP
B2. Burpee to 6″” touch 4 x 12
B3. FW + FC 100′ x 4 sets
rest as needed for B’s
3 sets
50′ Straight leg jumps
SA KB Hollow Hold 20-30 sec(per side) + SA Flutter Kick 20-30 sec (per side)


“A. Snatch-(Pause 2 sec at the bottom of the knee on the way up) 5 x 2
B. Snatch Balance + 2 OHS (3 total OHS) x 5 sets of the complex
Please read “”A”” Thoroughly
A1. Strict HSPU 4 x 2-5 perfect reps (no more than 1 abmat) **If you need multiple Abmats please scale the movement and use a box
A2. Straight into KHSPU 4 x 8-10 (have your trianing partner make sure your reps are good)
**Feet should be over the tape
A3. Lsit to Pass Through 4 x 4-5 passes(take your time and make these as perfect as possible)
4 sets for quality
10 OHS 135/95
6-10 Strict Supinated Pullup
rest as needed to complete OHS UB
**If its not heavy enough add weight….
Optional RC work w/ NO Legs
Hold, Climbs, Etc…”