5 Things You Should Do Before 8am


5 Things You Should Do Before 8am

1. Drink 20-30 oz of lemon (fresh squeezed) water with a sprinkle of pink himalayan sea salt. Why? This tasty beverage does everything that gatorade has purported to do…Better hydration leads to more optimal brain function, allows the body to remove waste more efficiently, and increases physical performance.

2. Create your to do list for the day. Why? The idea here is for you to be as productive as possible. A “To Do” list will keep you on track and minimize distractions.

3. Do something that will create gratitude. Why? You cannot be grateful and be mad at the same time. Its just not humanly possible. Let me give you an example… On a clear morning I try to get outside by 6:20 a.m.. I just look up at the beautiful stars and think about how awesome God is, how we are so lucky to be here. After about 10 mins of staring straight up in the sky, I start to say things like, “I am worthy of this life,” “I am ready for this day,” “I am so thankful for my family,” and “Feeling good looking good, I ought to be in Hollywood.” I repeat these things over and over, out loud until there is no doubt in my heart and mind that I believe it, and I am ready to attack my day.

4. Eat a quality breakfast that is well-balanced with Protein, Carbohydrates, and Fat. Why? Consuming whole food in the mornings is the best way to start your day. I completely understand that societal pressures have created this space where we are supposed to work longer, sleep less, and consume “supplements” to make up for things our body is lacking. However, consuming whole foods leads to stable blood sugar, which leads to optimal brain function, which also leads to better physical performance.

5. Stay off of social media. Why? I am not sure how many people wake up and immediately check their “news feed.” If you do, maybe I can learn something from you. However, it seems to me that social media would make people less productive and possibly create more anxiety. These feelings are more likely to “force” you to do or say things that may or may not put you in a “state” that is not helpful to your life. Not to mention, most of these things are completely out of your control. I have found that having all of my notifications for social media outlets turned off, allows me to be more productive and have more control of my life.

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