We will have a town hall meeting next Monday on May 4th. As of right now we have 2 people signed up for the mobility seminar on May 30. Thats definitely not enough for us to host the seminar. Please sign up by the end of the week. Every single competition athlete should be signed up for this. If we need to host a fundraiser please let me know



A1. Front Rack Step up 6 per leg x 4 ( 2 sec on the way down from the box) no rest
A2. Sorenson Hold 60-90 sec x 4 no rest
A3. FLR( Rings only) use knees if you need to 15-30 sec x 4
5 sets
350m row
14 KBS
8 Bar facing burpee
rest 1 min after each set



A. Clean + 2 FS+ 1 SJ- Work to a tough single of the complex in 4 sets(working sets) rest 3 min
EMOM for 12 min
Even-5-7 Thruster 115/75
Odd-3-4 Bar MU or 6-8 C2b Pullup
Row 300m @ 90%
rest 1 min x 5