Wow!!! What an amazing weekend!!! Michael and I got to hear and see some of the brightest minds in the strength and conditioning and nutritional world. My interpretation for my theme this weekend was “get your clients to sleep better and more(at least 8 hrs EVERY night), eat better quality food, and if they have those 2 fundamentals down then and only then are they allowed to exercise. Some of us have this backwards. We are sleeping less…eating low quality foods i.e. fast food, cereal, protein shakes, and pre packaged foods and train like we are semi professional athletes. So my question is this, what do I need to do to help all of you make better food choices and sleep better. Yes, I know that we are getting set for a challenge. But what are YOU going to do when the challenge is over? I think that we all know the answer. So, how do you create long lasting change that lasts for a lifetime? We dont need hard workouts to get results. We need a change in behaviors so that we can create a lifetime of change. That change will not affect just us it will also affect the people that come after us, our kids, there kids, you get the idea….

What are you going to do today to create a lifetime of change?




A1. Back Squat 4-5 x 5 @ 42×1 no rest
A2. Strict Supinated Pullup 1-2 x 5 @ 31×2 rest 90 sec
4 sets
2-3 Strict Pullup (pronated)
9 HPC 115/75
200m run/row
Females-rest 1 min after each set
Males- rest 2 min
5 Sleds “Fast” no more than 18-20 sec of work



A. Snatch(Squat) from Blocks x 3 (Bar should be right above knee before starting) rest 2-3 min
B. Back Squat 5 sets x 2 reps @ 42×1 rest 2-3 min
12 min @ 80%
5-10 ring pushups
35 UB DU
300m row
rest 3 min
12 min @ 80%
4-5 HSPU or 2-3 Wall Walks
8 HPC (Hang Power Clean)
14 Wallball