A couple of announcements.

1st- Please be sure to look at the computer screen close when logging in. If you receive a RED “NO REP” that means your payment is due. If you receive a Green “OK” your payment has been received and your membership is up to date. Please be sure your payment is up to date. If Natalie or I have made a mistake with your payment please let us know.

2nd- I have received multiple complaints about kids in the kids room. The complaints range from screaming, leaving food out, coming in and out of the room and slamming the doors, and not cleaning up after themselves. On Tuesday night I was actually asked to go in and ask the kids to quite down and behave. I’m asking that all the parents, please do a better job with cleaning up after their kids. None of the children should be drinking sodas or eating fast food. If your child is eating fruit or brings their own snacks their is no way on Gods beautiful earth that the food or peelings should be left on the floor. Please help so that I can focus on what I am good at.

3rd- The Open is upon us. Get registered!!!

4th and lastly, we have had several people ask us about where we get recipes from and other “paleo friendly” items.  If you are on the hunt for some clean condiments, check out www.tessemaes.com.  They have items from dressings, condiments and marinades! Another great website for recipes is www.everydaypaleo.com.  I’m going to leave you with these two websites for now.  More to come in the future!



A1.Front Squat 6-8 x 4 @ 20×1 rest 60 sec
A2.DB BP 8-10 x 4 @ 41×1 rest 30 sec
A3. Supinated Strict Pullups 4-5 x 4 @ 3113 no rest
4 sets not for time
8/12 Pushups @ 3010
16 Wtd Lunges DB or KB
3 TGU per side



A1. OHS 4-5 x 5 @ 21×1 rest 1 min
A2. C2b Pullup x 5 sets- pick a number that will be consistent for all 5 sets- rest 2 min
8 min AMRAP
12 KBS
10 Box Jump Step Downs
For time
12 Hang Power Clean 185/115
20 Alt’ing Pistols
500m row