Guest blogger here [Natalie]! I hope everyone is having a fantastic week!! It’s one day closer to Friday, so that makes for a great day, right?!?! Just a friendly reminder, registration for the Open starts tomorrow [thanks Amanda Tapley for the reminder]…if you have questions about the Open, please stop and ask someone!! Our 1st Open Prep class takes place this Saturday from 9:30-10:30…be there or be square!

Before we move to the Open, I wanted to take the time to congratulate several of our Master athletes who participated in The Masters Tour-Garage Game. ┬áThis was a competition that included several other states and I must say…CrossFit DGA DOMINATED!!!!!

Please give these folks a high-five, fist pump, chest bump or whatever you wish to say “job well done”!!!

The Divisions to search:

45-49-Scaled Men and Women

50-54-Scaled Women

We have to submit a bio and picture for podium finishes…so we are taking all submissions for Michael Price since he finished #2 overall ­čÖé ┬áMake it a great day! #dgaeveryday

Here is the link that provides all the athlete’s ranks according to their division.┬á



A1. Barbell Upright Row 3-4 x 4 @ 3010 rest 20 sec
A2. Trap three Raise 6-8 x 4 @ 3115 no rest; rest 30 sec
5 sets
250m row
18 KBS
rest 1 min b/n sets



2 Clean + 1 Jerk @ 72-74% EMOM for 10 min
14 min @ 80%
7 T2b
15 wallball
35 DU