September 7th, 2016


September 7th, 2016

On Wednesday’s, we recover!

Hey everyone, I apologize for the tardiness on this post! I want to say that you all did AWESOME today with DT! I can see the improvement with the movements in each of you. Also, a HUGE congrats to Amanda Tapley on PRing her snatch today! Hard work always pays off guys!

*Competition- Note that you need to record your scores on the sprints you do today*


“Active Recovery”
1 mile run- Recovery pace. no music. focus on breathing and striking with forefoot.
** if you feel good, try and beat last weeks time
3 rounds
30 DU
20 jumping lunges
10 Burpee
rest 5 min
EMOM for 12 min
1 min-Row for Cals for 30 sec
2 min-Burpee for 30 sec
**Be consistent with number of reps completed each round


A. Push Press- Build to a 1 RM rest as needed
B. 400m sprint for time
**measure from the end of the parking lot**
4 rounds for time
40 UB DU
25 wallball
12 T2b
reference 9/23/14
**Please write times on the board for the 400m
**Please note time for each round and total time