September 15th, 2016


September 15th, 2016

I hope you all had a great Wednesday!

Fitness, you will notice there is no change in the workout this week. This is because we want you to really challenge yourselves to do better than you did last week! Competition will be doing some 400m sprints. You will need to add 15 seconds to whatever your 400m time was last week. For example, if I ran my 400m last week in 1:20, today I will run my sets in 1:35. You guys will all do great! 


A1. Strict PU 4 x 4-5 @ 31×2 no rest
A2. RIng Row 4 x 8-10 @ 31×2 no rest
A3. Ring Row Support Hold AMSAP (top position) **Hold longer than last week;)
**There are no changes this week.
Challenge yourself to do just as good as last week or a little better.
200m run
rest 1 min x 5
**Faster each set
rest as needed (before 400’s)
400m run
rest 1:1
x 2
**Goal is same times on both sets


A. PC 2 TNg EMOM for 8 mins- Tough weight- no misses
B1. Bottom of Dip Hold x 5 sec + Press Out and Hold x 5 sec x 3 reps x 4 sets rest 60 sec
B2. Rope Climb (use as little legs as possible) 2/1 x 4 sets rest as needed (males 2, females 1)
5 sets
400m run @ +15 sec of PR for 400m
rest 1:1
“Cool down”
EMOM 1 shuttle run @ 80%
for 6-8 sets