September 12th, 2016


September 12th, 2016

Monday = A new week!

Happy Monday everyone! Hope you all had an awesome weekend! When you come into the gym, be sure to tell all those who competed this weekend ‘great job!’ Eric competed both days, Amanda Tapley achieved her bar muscle up, and the entire DGA family did fantastic! Get some great rest and be ready to come in this week and #DoWork!


A. Back Squat 4 x 10 @ 32×1 rest 2-3min
4 sets
8 Z press @ 3010
10 Plate Raises
Sled push (fast and light)
rest as needed b/n exercises and sets
(Sweat Session) Optional
EMOM for 10 mins
1 Shuttle Run (parking lot)


A. Barbell Only Snatch Technique
10 Behind the Neck Press
10 HPS
10 OHS
10 Snatch Balance
2-3 sets
B. Agility Ladder 10-12 mins (have fun)
C. Airex Pad Balance Work
Stretch and Mobility