September 11 2015


September 11 2015

Two quick announcements. I just want to publicly thank Kristin Kyzer for taking over the marketing responsibilities for DGA. She is the reason that you have been getting emails from DGA or myself. We are super thankful to have Kristen as part of our team. Also, we will be launching our new website next Wednesday the 16th. Please be patient with us during the transition from the old site. Thanks again for all of your support. Lets make today the best Friday ever.

“There is no effort without error and shortcoming”




A.Front Squat 6-8 x 4(M), x 6(F) @ 31×1 rest 2 -3 min
B.RFESS 10-12 x 3 @ 31×0 rest 90 sec after each leg
3 sets
12 Burpee Box Step Overs
30 sec of DU
400m row
no rest



Clean and Jerk-work to a heavy double in 4-5 sets rest as needed
EMOM for 12 min “Practice”
Even- Strict HSPU 2-5 (you may use deficit) Masters Sub Wall Walks
Odd-4-5 Barbell Front Rack Lunge(step fwd and step back) tough weight
10 min AMRAP
500m row
30 UB Wallballs
20 Power Clean and Jerk 135/95
10 Box Jump Step Downs

Reference 12-19-14