October 7th, 2016


October 7th, 2016


I hope you all enjoyed that team workout we did this afternoon! I know it was a little different, but it was cool from our perspective to watch you guys work together to complete that lengthy workout! You all never cease to amaze me.

Quick side note..With our neighboring states and communities having to evacuate, we will be getting a lot of visitors this weekend. Just a friendly reminder to keep calm and remember its only temporary! I want to wish everyone a happy and safe weekend!



A. OHS 3 x 7 @ 31×1 rest 2-3 min
B1. T2b x 5-7 x 3 sets
B2. DU 30 sec of work x 3 sets
*focus on
**Hollow/Arch Body Positions
**Good rhythm/bodycontrol if you are kipping
**Folding the body in half
6 sets
5 HPS 115/75
Sled Push
10 Cal AB
rest 60 sec

If you have time you can jump in on the body buidling session that the female comp
members are doing


A. Clean 2 + PJ- build to a heavy set of the complex for the day
EMOM for 16 min
1 min- 10 Thrusters 105/85
2 min- 10/8 cal row
3 min- 10 BB OH WL Lunge 75/55
4 min-8 Box Jumps 20″
*** I made some adjustdments for this week…please give me some feedback
4 sets w/ minimal rest
10 fat bar bicep curls
10 Tricep Extensions w/ fat bar or BB
10 SA Alt’ing Hammer Curls w/ DB’s
10 DB BP
***all reps are slow and controlled, slow eccentrics, fast concentrics