October 4th, 2016


October 4th, 2016

Topic Tuesday!

Everyone did so well today! I had the opportunity to coach all three classes tonight, and you guys alway put in 100%!

 Tonights first topic I’d like to talk to you all about gym clean up!! 🙂 Exciting right?! Okay, on a real note, most of you do really well at cleaning up after you workout. However, this is something that we need to all be aware of. If you use a wall ball, make sure you clean it and place it back on the rack. Little things like this will help out the coaches, as well as keep our gym looking great!

Alright, alright, on to more fun news! Hang snatches! Competition, you all got a little taste of these this afternoon. Today we will be doing more of these. In this video, I want you to notice his ‘hip hing’ position. When he goes into the movement, his hips slide back, and the bar stays against his quads. Watch it a time or two and come into the gym and give this a try!




PC + 4 Shoulder Press + 4 Push Press (3 sec lowering on all 8 reps)
4 sets
Neutral Grip “Ring” PU or (you may use monkey bars) x 4-5 reps (with 4 sec lowering) 2 sec hold @ top
Deadlift x 5 reps pause 3 sec right below the knee on the way up (same weight as last week)
KB FR Walking Lunge 7 per side “HTLW”
rest as needed
Optional Sweat Session
EMOM for 12 min
1 min- 30 max distance shuttle run
2 min-30 sec Thruster w/ BB only, Ladies please use DB’s


A. Hang Snatch + Snatch Build to a tough single for the day
B. Push Jerk 2 EMOM for 10 mins @ 75% of 1RM
3 sets
12 Double KB OH WL (6 per leg)
10 Back Extensions with twist at top( 5 per side)
3 sets
50′ Death March
1 min max Air Squats w/ #20 vest
30 sec S. Pronated PU w/ #20 vest