October 3rd, 2017


October 3rd, 2017



A. FS 5 x 3 rest 3 min
**Heavier than last weeks 3’s
**While you are resting 10-12 pushups @ 3010
you may add weight
5 rounds for time
15 KBS
30 DU
**You may sub AB,Row, or sled for DU
10 min FLR (least amount of sets possible)


A. Snatch (Build to a heavy single for the day)
400m run
5 PC @ 80% of 1RM
10 BF Burpee
rest 2 min x 4 sets
**Goal here is 2:30-3 min per round- If you can go faster please do. If you have
negative splits that woud be perfect
3 sets
20 cals AB AFAP
(work on a gymnastics weakness) HSPU, HSW, Pullups, MU, etc
rest 2-3 min
**Positioning and skill development is more important than vol