October 30 2015


October 30 2015

Just a couple of quick announcements. We are going to make 2 changes in the schedule effective as of Saturday Oct 31 2015. On Fridays we will now be open from 4-6p and it will be an open gym format(you can still do the work on the board). You will have a coach there with you as always. Participation has been a little slack on Friday afternoons and I am trying to fix the schedule so that the staff and myself can spend more time with their families.

Saturdays will now start at 9am. We apologize in advance for any inconveniences that this may cause. I am speaking for myself only and I know that this may sound selfish but I have to spend more time with my family. Thank you for all of the support. See you tomorrow!!



A. FS 5 RM “No Tempo”
B. -10% of A, AMRAP
C. Thurster- 8-7-5-5 rest 90-120 sec (go heavier for each set if possible) HTLW
D. Shuttle Sprint x 6 (down and back in parking lot) rest 30-60 sec
5 sets
5 Burpee to 6″ reach
1 sled 15-18 sec of work

**You may use DB’s for the Thrusters. It is much safer when done with DB’s. If you have a shoudler imbalance from right to left please use DB’s



A. Snatch Pull to Snatch to OH Squat Max
B. Deadlift Off Blocks with Bar at Knee 3RM
C. -10% of B for 3
D. BB Front Rack Walking Lunge 6 per leg x 5
3 sets
5 Bounding Box Jumps
10-12 UB Strict Pullups (yes, may use a band)
5 rounds for time (Females and Males)
10 Burpee to 6″ reach
35 UB DU
**Masters Males please sub OH Squat moilbity work for A