October 28th, 2018


October 28th, 2018


You all did awesome tonight! Competition, you guys are taking on mass amounts of Double Unders these, and you’re all doing really well with them! Fitness, it’s awesome to see you guys paying such close attention to your Hang Power Cleans and the ‘Hip Hing’ we have been talking about recently.

Hope everyone comes in tomorrow ready to close out another awesome week!



4 sets
10 Back Extension w/ twist (5 per side) (you can add weight)
10 BW Back Extension
FC w/ Handles (heavy)
6 sets
8 BP w/ BB no misses, tough weight “HTLW”
Sled Push “HWFLW”
12 Cal AB
rest 60 sec
If you have time you can jump in on the body buidling session that the female comp
members are doing


A. Hang Clean + 2 FS + 1 PJ Build to a 1RM of the complex in 5-7 sets
4 sets
12 cals AB
10 BJSD 24/20
8 Pullups (C2b)
rest 2 min
3 sets
8 Z press @ 3010
12 Face pulls @ 31×3