October 21st, 2016


October 21st, 2016

Awesome Friday!

Hope everyone has had a great week. Let’s round it out with a great Friday. Hope to see you all this afternoon! 🙂

Also, if you happen to see some of our newest members at the gym, give them a shout and welcome them to our sweet family!

Mitchell Gay

Gavin Mallory

Daniel Moore

Freeman Shepard


A. OHS 3 x 6 @ 31×1 rest 2-3 min “HTLW”
B1. T2b x 5-7 x 3 sets
B2. DU 30 sec of work x 3 sets
*focus on
**Hollow/Arch Body Positions
**Good rhythm/bodycontrol if you are kipping
**Folding the body in half
6 sets
10 BP w/ BB no misses, tough weight
Sled Push
12 Cal AB
rest 60 sec
If you have time you can jump in on the body buidling session that the female comp
members are doing


A. Clean + PJ- build to a heavy set of the complex for the day
12 min AMRAP
6 rounds
6 WB
Straight into
10 PC and Jerk 135/95
10 PC and Jerk 155/105
10 PC and Jerk 185/115
10 PC and Jerk 205/125
PC and Jerk 225/135 AMRAP
4 sets w/ minimal rest
10 fat bar bicep curls
10 Tricep Extensions w/ fat bar or BB
10 SA Alt’ing Hammer Curls w/ DB’s
10 DB BP
***all reps are slow and controlled, slow eccentrics, fast concentrics