October 19th, 2016


October 19th, 2016

Wonderful Wednesday!

DGA, I just want to say that you are all awesome!

Thank you for helping keep the gym clean and tidy by putting away your equipment when you are done with it. You have all been doing a great job with this, lets keep it up!

Tomorrow is bound to be another great day, so come in ready to work, and have FUN! See you then!



“Active Recovery”
3 sets
15 cals AB (with no seat)
Farmer Carry 150′ w/KB
Sled Push
rest as needed
3 sets
15 cal row
2 Wall Walks
2 TGU per side
rest as needed b/n rounds
Every 3 min for 4 sets
200m run
10 burpee


Row 500m @ 90%
rest 2 min x 4
**You may sub 400m runs for the row, pick your weakest
5 sets
Heavy FC w/ handle (half parking lot, then turn around)
sled push (#60 per side)
EMOM for 8 min
shuttle run (parking lot)