October 12th, 2017


October 12th, 2017


Hey guys! It was brought to my attention that if you are viewing this blog on a computer format, you will see that the red calendar date (to the left of the title) is one day off. This is because I post the workout the night before, so you all can see it prior to coming in. So just keep in mind when you’re reading the workout, the RED date is not the one you want to look at. Please read the title of the blog to see the correct day/workout!

Thanks guys!


FS- Build to a 1RM
4 sets
8-10 Pushups @ 3010 (you may add weight)
4-5 Strict Pullups (NO BANDS)
4 sets
1 sled push
7 burpee broad jumps


PC- Build to a 1RM
0-8 min
6 Alt’ing DB Snatch
6 Cal Row
6 Pistols (you may sub lunges)

rest 7-10 min(this is a 3 min rest)

10-18 min
10 Cals AB
9 T2b
8 HPC 115/75