October 10th, 2017


October 10th, 2017



A.OHS Technique Work- 4 x 7-10 reps Build slow and take your time
B1. T2b 5 x 4-5 rest as needed
B2. DU 5 x 20-30 sec
B3. KB Swing 5 x 15 (American)
I designed this session so that everyone could work on the skills of t2b and DU.
10 min FLR (least amount of sets possible)


A. Snatch- Build to a 1RM for the day
400m run
5 PC and Jerk 155/105
12 BF Burpee
rest 2 min x 4 sets
3 sets
20 cals AB AFAP
(work on a gymnastics weakness) HSPU, HSW, Pullups, MU, etc
rest 2-3 min
**Positioning and skill development is more important than vol