Nov 12th 2018


Nov 12th 2018

First and foremost we would like to tell all of our veterans thank you for your service and sacrifice. It is an honor to know all of you and we are grateful that you allow us to be a part of your fitness journey/experience. Thank you again for your commitment, leadership, and sacrifice. I will tell you that there’s not a day that goes by that I do not wonder if I have done enough to earn my freedom. I do not know if I will ever feel like I have done enough. So , to those who have, Thank you again!!! Here is a list of our veterans!!

Scott Smith
Michael Price
Gloria Wells
Randy Dean
Kaleb Stanley (deploying for Afghanistan in Dec)
Kathy Laughlin

A1. Banded Goblet Squat 4 x 5
A2. Incline DB BP 4 x 8
A3. Crab Walk 4 x 25′ Fwd + 25′ Rev
rest as needed
3-4 sets (530a may only have time for 3)
8 Devil Press
2 Shuttle run (length of the gym)
8 Ring Row w/ feet elevated
2-3 sets
“Shoulder Health”
Wtd Arm Circles 12 sec @ 4 positions
10 External Rotation w/ plate
10 Band Pull Aparts

Gymnastics Support
A1. Ring Dip + turnout 5 x 5 slow and controlled
A2. Strict T2b 5 x 5 slow and controlled
B1. Ring Pullup 5 x 3-5 sllow and controlled
B2. Strict HSPU (deficit) 5 x 5 slow and controlled
EMOM for 15 min
1 min pistol x 5-7 per side
2 min ring pushup x 5 slow and controlled
3 min 30-45 sec HS HOLD (back to wall)
**Increase from last week as needed
Mobility/Stability Work