November 9 2015


November 9 2015

I hope that everyone had a great weekend!! A couple of announcements to get things started. Please remember to start dressing warmer. It is going to be cool in the mornings but should be pretty warm in the afternoons. We are starting a referral program for the months of November and December and if a client joins and uses your name you will get 10% off your next months dues. You cannot get more than 1 referral per month or a better way to say it might be you cannot get more than 10% off per month. I hope that makes sense….

Also, November 11 is Veterans Day. We have some “FUN” workouts planned for that day so we hope to see you there. As always, I am looking forward to another awesome week of learning and fitness with all of you. Take Care of Business. Famalia Idoneitatem


A. Back Squat 10 reps x 5 sets @ 31×1 rest as needed no more than 3 min
5 sets
7 Hang Clean 115/75
30 sec DU practice or 150m row
4 sets
Shuttle run
12 Russian KBS
rest 30 sec
400m row cool down(approx 18-20 strokes per min)

**We may have to do the shuttle runs inside. If so, please move sleds.



A. Snatch 40%x3,50%x3,60%x3, 75%x3, 80%x2, 85%x1
B. Back Squat 5RM
C. -10% of B for 5
4 sets
6 Bounding Box Jumps
8 UB Strict Pullups (yes, may use a band)
4 sets
300m row (same times all 4 sets)
7 T2b
20 UB DU
rest 1 min