November 5 2015


November 5 2015

I just wanted to take the time to clarify and define what OPEN GYM is. It is just like a regular class with two main differences.

  1. The warmup is done on your own and a great benefit to doing this is it will give you time to address some specific areas that you would like to i.e DU’s, pullups, GHD work, and specific mobility limitations. A coach will always be there to help guide you if needed.
  2. There is no specific start time.

You will still do the Friday workout thats on the board. You will still be coached and provided the same service that you always have. It will give you the opportunity to work on things that you missed during the week. If you are not happy with the format we will certainly take that into consideration. But please let myself or one of the members of the coaching staff know. Our ultimate goal is to provide you with the best fitness experience and service in the southeast. As always, thank you for your support!!!!!

Our Open Gym Sessions are below

Tue and Thur 12-2

Friday 4-6



Teams of 2; 1 working; 1 resting
Accumualte the following
100 Calories on Assault Bike
100 Calorie Row
100 Burpees over Rower
Mobility work



A. Clean & Jerks 40% x 3,50% x 3, 60% x 3, 75% x 3 reps ×2 sets,80% x 2, 85% x 1,88% x 2 sets of 1
B. Front Squat 3RM paused 1 sec
C. -15% of B for AMRAP
D. RDL 8 reps x 4 sets rest as needed
4 sets
1 RC + 30 sec with chin over the bar hold (you can thank Colby for this)
15 Tricep Extension (slow and contolled)
Masters Males
OH Squat Mobility.Start with hamstrings
A1. Hamstring stretch with band 30 sec per side x 5
A2. Thoracic mobility 30-45 sec x 5
4 sets
5-7 Ring Dips @ 31×1
5-7 Strict Pullup @ 31×2