November 4 2016


November 4 2016


DGA Fam! I hope you’ve all had a great week thus far. Let’s close it out with another awesome day! Oh and I just wanted to let you all know that I’m very proud of you guys. We introduced some new movements, and today as well, and you’ve all done a really great job adapting!


Also, we have a new intro class that started on the 31st. If you see come new faces around the gym, be sure to say ‘Hello’ and show them some love!

*Side Note: I’ve had some people ask me about putting a video on the website for different movements. From now on, I will try to connect a video with the Olympic lifting movements we’re doing that day. So you have a better understanding of the movement prior to coming in the gym. They will be theĀ blue links!*


A. DB Thruster 4 x 8 rest 2 min
B1. Lateral Sled Pull 4 x 20 steps to both sides no rest
B2. Bench Press 4 x 8 @ 3010 rest 60-90 sec
3 sets (Optional)
15 KBS
400m run or row



A. Double KB FS 3 x 5 @ 3010 (build)
3 sets for movement quality
10 T2b
10 HPS 105/75, 75/55
After 3 sets
3 min recovery AB (200-300watts)
3 sets
5-7 S. PU (c2b)
10 Thruster 105/75, 75/55
**Movement quality is priority