November 2nd, 2016


November 2nd, 2016

Wed Nes Day

I hope you all had a great time working off some of that Halloween candy! Fitness, today you will have a chance to work on some mobility. Please take this chance to really work on some problem area you have. If you get shin splints, if your shoulders are tight, or if you have pain in your ankles.

Can’t wait to see you all this afternoon!



A. 1 RM Pullup Test 10-12 min
*Preferably with hands pronated
B1. sled push (light) 4 sets x 2 reps @ 150′
B2. FLR (rings) 45-60 sec x 4 sets
mobility work
**this is the time to work on your specfic movement restrictions. have fun!


Row 500m @ 90%
rest 2 min x 6
**You may sub 400m runs for the row, pick your weakest
5 sets
Heavy FC w/ handle (half parking lot, then turn around)
sled push (#60 per side)
For time
300 yd shuttle (parking lot)
**9 touches/change of direction- start and finish do not count