November 27 2015


November 27 2015


I would like for everyone to reflect on what they have accomplished this past year. What do you see? Are you happy with what you achieved over this last year? If you were going to write your story about this past year what would the title be?

Do you like what you are thinking about?? How are you going to improve on what you did last year??

The year is almost over….you still have plenty of time to achieve more. Have a great day!!!



A. DB Thruster 12 reps x 5 sets rest 2 min (increase weight per set) “HTLW”
B. SA DB Row 12 per arm x 4 sets rest as needed
4 sets
150′ Reverse Bear Crawl
14 Double KB FS+ Walk 50′ before putting KB’s down (Walk with KB’s in Front Rack) “HTLW”
1 Sled 15-18 sec of work
3 sets
12 Face Pulls
10 Band Pull Aparts with elbows locked out



A.Snatch to OH Squat Max rest as needed
B. Deadlift Off Blocks with Bar Below Knee 2RM rest as needed
C. -10% of C for 2 rest as needed
D. BB Front Rack Lunge 6 each leg x 5 sets rest as needed
5 rounds @ 90%
200m run
10 UB OHS 135/95-masters sub FS
30 UB DU