November 20th, 2017


November 20th, 2017



“A. Hang Clean- Build to a heavy triple for the day
B1. Double KB FS 4 x 5 @ 31×1 minimal rest
B2. TGU 2 per side x 4 sets- minimal rest
C1. KBS (American) 4 x 15 rest as needed
C2. Sled push- rest as needed
C3. FLR 60-120 sec rest as needed
3 sets
Land mine Half Kneeling Rotations 8 per side
Double KB Sit up w/ KB’s (arms straight) 10
Strict T2b 4-5”


“A. Snatch work up to a heavy single for the day
B1. Deadlift 5 x 12 UB 225/155- no rest
B2. Box Jump (these need to be bounding) 5 x 10 rest as needed to complete B1 UB
**The goal here is to (help those who are unbale to bound) develop the muscles necessary to allow bounding
with as little effort as possible. **Explain on the video for coaches**
400m run
rest 1:30 x 5
3 sets
60 sec FLR
L sit- 20-30 sec
SA FW 150′”