November 18th, 2016


November 18th, 2016

Friday Funday!

It’s that time again. Another week is coming to a close. Did you accomplish what you had planned? Did you set a goal for the week and crush it? If not, think about that for next Monday. Often times we view goals as being long term, however, short term goals are just as important. It can be something as simple as making it to the gym 4 days in a week. Or making one random person smile throughout your day. Accomplishing these short term goals gives us the confidence needed to concur the major ones!



A1 KB FR RFESS 4 x 8 per side @ 31×1 rest 60-90 sec b/n legs
A2. Z Press 4 x 8 @ 31×3 rest 60 sec
55 WB
40 Cal Row
35 Wtd Burpee Step Over 35/25-26 (20″box)
40 Cal Row
55 KBS (American)
**Since we had so many people say that they enojyed this one I figured we could make some small changes and do it again.
Cool Down/mobility


A. Double KB FS 5×5 @ 3333 rest 2 min (build to a 5RM)
B. BB FR WL 4 x 8 per side (Build)
EMOM for 18 min
1 min-30 sec for max cals AB
2 min- 5-7 Push Jerk 135/105
3 min- 8-10 UB T2b