November 11 2015


November 11 2015

We wanted to take the time today to say thank you to all of our veterans and our active duty personnel. It is so easy to forget how lucky we all are. Our freedom unfortunately is taken for granted on most days. Lets pause today and tell a veteran thank you for our freedom!!!! Big shout to all of our veterans here at DGA

MIchael Price

Nick Ivey

Colby Howard

Adrain Noble

Cody Bennett

Travis Anderson

Aaron McCoy



In honor of Veterans Day we will be doing a HERO WOD. For this Hero WOD we chose to honor the life of Chris Kyle. For those of you that do not know Chris Kyle he was a Navy SEAL Sniper that conducted four combat tours in Iraq. During Chris’s four tours he totaled 160 confirmed kills. Chris was so deadly on the battlefield and in his area of operation that the enemy nicknamed him the “Devil of Ramadi”. Chris was wounded twice and was involved in six IED attacks. To learn more about Chris’s life you can read his book titled “American Sniper”.

This workout will be done in teams of two. 1 working;1 resting, partition as needed


3 rounds (one for his wife and two for his children left behind)
40 KB Swings 53/35 (Russain)
40 Box Jumps 24″/20″/  or 40 Calorie Row
40 Wallballs
40 Elevated Push-ups (feet on 24″ box) /or 40 Burpee

* The 4 movements represent Chris’s 4 tours in Iraq and the total reps for each round equal 160 representing Chris’s confirmed kills.

**Please scale accordingly. If you are not sure what to do please ask your coach. This is a tough workout and rightly so. Be smart. I did make some modifications to the workout but only because we did so much shoulder work on Tuesday.