Nov 23 2016


Nov 23 2016

DGA!! Just a couple of reminders about this week.
* We have 1 class on Thanksgiving Day and we will start at 845a. Please make sure you have a partner before you arrive. This will save us some time.
**We will be having a Black Friday sale on all current apparel. All shirts and tanks are buy 1 and get the 2nd half off. “Cash only please”




A1. PC 5 x 3 rest as needed
A2. DB BP 5 x 8 rest 60- 90 sec
A3. S. Supinated PU 5 x 4-5 @ 31×2
EMOM for 5 min
7 Heavy FS from floor
300 yd shuttle rest 2 min x 3 (9 changes of direction) Start and finish on the end closest to the gym


Active Recovery/Mobility
A. OHS 3 x 10 @ 3333 PVC, Bar Only, Bar + 10’s per side
**The goal is to get your hands as close as possible. Warmup up good, all work sets should be performed
with a “clean” grip.
5 sets
1 min Hollow Hold (if you are more proficient with the hold you may do hollow rocks)
1 min AB @ tough pace
1 min of burpees
1 min sled push (300′) light and fast
1 min Double KB OH Carry