Monday June 15


Monday June 15

I had the opportunity to attend the FMS [Functional Movement Screen] level 1 and level 2 seminar this weekend. I had the opportunity to meet some great people who are making a difference in the lives of many people. It is an amazing feeling being in the room with so many like minded people that are doing their best to teach and coach proper mechanics of lifting and fitness. This was by far the best seminar I have attended since I started my fitness journey. The benefit for all of you is now we have a system that will diagnose dysfunctional movement. There are going to be certain movements that people are not allowed to do….at least until they can show better mobility in restricted areas. This is going to be tough for some people, please trust the process and understand that this is to benefit you and your health long term AND it will MAKE YOU BETTER!!!

The very first rule that we are going to rollout is You cannot do any DL’s or Squats if you cannot touch your toes. You may not warm up for the toe touch, it must be done cold!

Everyone in the next 4 weeks will go through a screening process with me. After the screening we will discuss what it means and how we will attack your fitness. I am looking forward to this next stage of our fitness journey. You will have longer fitness careers, less injuries, and you will become more educated about fitness and human movement. See you tomorrow DGA!!!!!!






A. TGU 3 per side x 4 rest as needed (we will do these as a group)
6 sets
Waiter Carry or SA Farmer Carry
12 Goblet Squat
Plank 60 sec (shoulder blades pulled down,lats engaged, and body in straight line)

** If you are unable to get in a good OH position, you will have to do the FC
Lax Ball work 6-7 min



A. Hang Muscle Snatch 5 x 5 “control eccectric”
B. Back Squat 10-12-12-14 rest 3 min
5 sets
300m row
5 Power Snatch 135/85
35 UB DU
rest 2:30
Mobility Work

Masters-Sub 5 Shoulder to OH @ 95/65 for the PS. If you are unable to do DU’s lets find an alternate exercise that you are proficient at that will allow you to keep the HR at conditioning pace