May 2nd, 2018


May 2nd, 2018



“A1. Hang Clean + 4 FS rest as needed
A2. WTD Step up 4 x 5 per side 20″” rest as needed
**Finish one side before doing the next
A3. Sea Lion 4 x down and back
**I made this a little shorter due to the warmup being a little longer.


“A. SJ- Work to a heavy double for the day
4 sets
7 Push Press w/ 5 sec eccentric
7 P HSPU w/ 5 sec eccentric (adjust deficit as needed)
7 Dips on Bar Please partner up(bands make her/you dance,
they do not make you dip)
Every 3 min for 4 sets
20/17 Cal Row
10 Burpee over rower (lateral)
**Add 2 burpee every set