May 24 2016


May 24 2016


A1. SA KB Press (from half kneeling) 3 x 10 @ 3010 (pronate hand at the top) (build)
A2. Alternating FR Lunge 3 x 7 per side (1 sec pause with knee on the floor) rest 90 sec after both legs (build)
B. 8 KB Snatch per side x 5 sets rest as needed rest as needed
4 sets
5 PC
200m run
males rest 60 sec, females rest 30 sec
**The PC weight should be heavy enough that you have to perform singles but not so heavy that you cant move the BB with
perfect form. Females can recover quicker and also seem to like a little more intensity so I adjusted the rest to try give the proper dose response



A1. 3-5 Strict PU + 4-6 C2b PU x 4 sets rest 60 sec (goal is to match last week or improve)
A2. HS Hold for 60-75 sec x 4 sets rest 60-90 sec (Last week of the HS Holds)
B. FR Walking Lunge 4 x 7 per side rest 90 sec (Build)
4 sets
10 Cals AB
18 WB’s
10 Cal Row
rest 2 min