May 2 2016


May 2 2016

“The way we do anything is the way we do everything.”

I cannot find the author of this quote. I definitely cannot take credit for it. This quote makes me reflect and take a deeper look at my habits, systems, and rituals. I hope that it will provide as much insight for you as it does for me. Looking forward to another awesome week of life, building, learning, and coaching!!! See you tomorrow DGA!!!!!



A1. PC 4 x 2 Use heaviest weight from last week
A2. CGBP 4 x 7 rest 60-90 sec (hands should be 16″ apart) (build to a tough set of 7)
B1. T2b 2 sets of practice
B2. DU 2 sets of practice
**These practice sessions are for our coaches to practice coaching and clients to practice doing
4 sets
250m row
13 burpee
15 russian KBS
rest 60 sec



A. Snatch 50%x 3,65%x 3, 75%x 2,80% x 1 (These are not TnG)
B. Back Squat 3 x 5 @ 50-75% of 5RM
200m run
rest 45 sec x 4
rest 3 min
400m run
rest 1:30 x 3
10 min cool down your choice

**This week is a deload