May 16th, 2017


May 16th, 2017



Deload/ Maintenance
A1. SL RDL with DB’s 3 x 5 per side @ 32×1
A2. Man Makers (Control the pushup/row) 3 x 5-7
A2 notes- Please make sure you can control each rep/movement
4 sets
Pro Cobra Hold for 60-75 sec
KB OH Carry 100′ (KB Per Hand)
4-5 sets EMOM
1 min- 35 sec row for max cals
2 min-KBS (American) AMRAP in 35 sec


A. DU + Pistol skill work-15-20 min
**Alternate between the movements
**Focus on breathing, hand position with DU’s, foot position on the pistol
***What feels good? What is optimal? How can we help get you into better
B. DB Snatch Skill Work-10 min
**Practice switching in the air vs on the floor
C. T2b-Skill work w/ remainder of time
How many days of week or hours in the day do we devote to skill work (at your job or at the gym)?
I honestly think that most of “US” should come in and work on our “skills” vs doing the dynamic warmup
with the group. I am not saying that you should not warmup…but maybe your warmup
should be skill work…just some thougts for the competition group