March 6th, 2017


March 6th, 2017


Welcome to another awesome week! Once again, great job with 17.2 everyone! Each week you guys show up, have a great time, and put in a lot of hard work. We had some people get milestones in their fitness career with this workout. Tara Bracewell got her very first pull, and Samantha Riner was able to get 14 bar muscle ups! All of you as athletes should be immensely proud of yourselves, even if you didn’t quite make it where you wanted to in that workout. Remember that for next time and make it a goal to come in and work on those weaknesses daily/weekly!



A. 5 DL + 4 HPC + 3 Shoulder to OH x 4-5 sets “Build”- Have fun!
**This is a complex and should be completed without putting the bar down
B1. Ring Hinge Row 8-10 with 2 sec pause @ top x 4 sets no rest
B2. Wall Walks 2-3 with 5 sec pause @ top x 4 sets no rest
B3. LSit w/parallets accumulate 30 sec x 4 sets rest as needed
7 min AMRAP of Burpee


A. Snatch Technique- about 10 min
B. 2 Squat Snatch EMOM for 10 min
EMOM for 20 min
1- DU
2- Sled push (light and fast)
3-C2b Pullup
4- WB
5-Shuttle Run
**all sets should be 25-30 sec of work
**Please increase reps from last week, If you need help please ask a coach