March 29 2017


March 29 2017

Tonight I wanted to talk about our service and how much it has changed over the years and how it is going to change moving forward. I am not sure how many remember but there was a time when everyone did the same workout(man, those were the good ol’ days). Sometime in 2013 I started designing a separate workout called competition. No one asked for it but I knew that it was needed and I could offer a better service if we offered multiple programs.

So now in 2017 we are ready to offer a better service again. We are now building a system where each coach will be responsible for her/his own tribe/clients. This person will be your coach for life. The coach will be responsible for helping you with specific limitations, program design questions, exercise selections/modifications, scheduling Personal Training sessions, nutrition coaching, and someone you can build a longterm relationship with, that can help you achieve all of your goals and hold you ACCOUNTABLE. I put accountable in all caps because it is important and I need my coaches help to hold everyone accountable and to provide a better service to all of you. We have already had multiple people ask about our new service and have 7 clients that are now part of the new system. Our coaches have worked extremely hard to get this system up and running. We need this system to work so that we can keep coaches like Stanley, Ashley and Brigett around. So my question for you is, who is ready to take their fitness to the next level?

**After reading this  I realized that I did not mention anything about keeping Dana Gibbs. Dana is extremely important to our company, our brand, and to me personally. Her life and quite frankly her well being does not rely on the gym’s finances to help her pay her bills. We do need Dana and we need the kids program to be successful too!!!!!

**Just a clarification- We are not forcing you to move over to the new system. You get to choose if you want to have a coach for life. Right now Stanley is the only coach operating under the new system. However, Ashley and Brigett will be taking clients on very soon.


Last day of Deload. We will officially start our new training cycles next week. Just FYI they will both be loaded with a good bit of gymnastics.


@ 75-80%
1 min Row
1 min Run
1 min sled push (Light) down and back
1 min Russian KBS
x 5 sets
3 sets
75′ Bear Crawl
45-60 sec Farmer Carry w/ KB’s (1 kb per hand)
5-7 HS Kick Ups



4-5 sets
KB FR Carry 45-60 sec
Reverse Sled Drag (parking lot)
3 Wall Walks + 10 shoulder taps on last 3rd WW
EMOM for 10 min
1 min- 10 KB Snatch (5 per side)
2 min- 10-20 sec hold with chin over the bar (pronated grip)
Cool Down/Stretch
3 sets
8-10 Strict T2b w/ knees locked out
Arm Bar 45-60 sec per side