March 23rd, 2017


March 23rd, 2017


Tomorrow night we will learn what 17.5 is! The very last open workout. Whether this is your third open, or your first, each of you should be so proud! Like I said before we started, this is a great opportunity for us as athletes to see where we can make up ground in our fitness journey. I hope you all have been able to reflect on this, like I have!

Enjoy your day, and be sure to tune in for the last announcement! Also, if you are not on Facebook, please let Amanda Tapley know if you’re going to join us for our Final Extravaganza! We will need a head count!



A. OHS 4 x 5-7 @ 3131 rest 2-3 min
**Focus on good positions
EMOM for 16 min
1 min- Row 10-12 Cals
2 min- BF Burpee
3 min- Sled Push
4 min- DU Practice
**Ladies please use DB’s if you are not doing the open
5 sets
Half Kneeling Landmine Rotation 5 per side
Side plank w/ rotation 7 per side


A. DB Thruster practice-Build to 50/35 10-12 reps @ each set
10 PS 115/75 95/65
10 BF Burpee
10 Thrusters w/ BB
10 BF Burpee
x 2 sets
Complete rest in between sets
AB 30 sec @ 85%
30 sec rest x 10
rest 5 min x 2
Potential Movements that are left for the Open. We may even see some repeated movements…
Ring MU
BF Burpee