March 20th, 2017


March 20th, 2017


Today is a good week, to have a good week! Just like The Open workout was a repeat, tomorrow should look familiar to most of you. You all had a similar workout last Monday, when we do this, the point is to get better. Please look back in your notebook (if you write the workouts down) and see how you did/weight used to see how you can improve this week! Try to go faster, heavier, or be more consistent in a movement. Whatever improvement may look like for you!



A. 7 DL + 5 HPC + 4 Shoulder to OH x 4-5 sets “Build”- Have fun!
**This is a complex and should be completed without putting the bar down
B1. Ring Hinge Row 8-10 with 2 sec pause @ top x 4 sets no rest
B2. Wall Walks 2-3 with 5 sec pause @ top x 4 sets no rest
B3. LSit w/parallets accumulate 30-45 sec x 4 sets rest as needed
5 Sets
8 UB Thruster (build)
8 BF Burpee
rest 60-90 sec


A. Snatch Technique- about 15-20 min
EMOM for 20 min
1- Shuttle Run
2- Sled push (light and fast)
3-C2b Pullup
4- AB
5-UB Thruster 105/75
**all sets should be 25-30 sec of work
**Please increase reps from last week, If you need help please ask a coach