June 29, 2015


June 29, 2015

Shoulders are still a really big issue with a few of our clients. So lets discuss the nature of the issue. We have too many people doing fast overhead eccentric movements (push press, thruster, and t2b) that have significant shoulder structure imbalances. This would be an easy problem to fix if we could get everyone to do personal training for 4-5 months(maybe longer). However, since I don’t think that is going to happen we have to implement some new rules. You are not allowed to do push press, thruster, shoulder to OH, OH Squats, and t2b in any capacity unless you have 1 strict pull-up(you may not use a band). Even then your numbers may need to be modified. I want to keep everyone healthy and moving forward. Everyone needs to be sleeping 8hrs a night minimum for maximum recovery. You also need to be hydrating properly(at least 1/2 BW in oz’s everyday). If you are having some shoulder discomfort go get a massage or go see Whitney. If you have any questions, comments, or suggestions please let us know.



A. TGU 4 per side x 4 rest as needed (we will do these as a group)
5 sets
Waiter Carry or SA Farmer Carry
14 Reps Double KB Front Squat
Plank 45 sec + 10-15 Sec L- Sit

** If you are unable to get in a good OH position, you will have to do the FC
Lax Ball work 6-7 min



A. Hang Power Snatch 1.1 x 4 rest 10 sec b/n each (above knee and below knee) 1-2 sec pause in position before starting
B. Back Squat 14-16-16-18 rest 3 min
5 sets
300m row
7-9 Power Snatch 135/85
40 UB DU
rest 3:00
Mobility Work

Masters-Sub 9 Shoulder to OH @ 95/65 for the PS. If you are unable to do DU’s lets find an alternate exercise that you are proficient at that will allow you to keep the HR at conditioning pace