June 27 2016


June 27 2016

DGA!! I hope that everyone had a great weekend. For the Fitness this week, your sessions may seem a little shorter. We are going to try and work in some mobility work at the end of each class. It is something that we have been neglecting for a while and not everyone makes it a priority after their training sessions. It is important for longevity and also keeping you free from injury(at least reduce the risk of injury). For the Competition group, you have 2 more weeks (this week and next) of accumulation before we start a 1 week intensification phase. Please be sure you are working on your mobility before and after class as necessary. If anyone needs help with anything specific please get with one of the coaches. If you have something that has been nagging you please get it seen about.


A. Clean – work to a tough single for the day rest as needed
**Perfect form, do not sacrifice form for heavier weight
3 rounds for time with 13 min CAP, reference 6/8/15
20 KBS (American)
20 Burpee
3-5 sets
Front Rack Mobility 30-35 sec of work (pick the exercise that works best for you) ask a coach for help if you do not know.
Shuttle run (outside) Length of parking lot



A. Snatch 75% 2 reps x 3 sets, 80% 1 x 3, 85%1 x 2, 88% x 1 rep x 2 sets, 90% x 1–NO MISSES
B. Back Squat 5-5-4-3 rest as needed
5 sets
5 PS 115/85 **masters men do PC and Jerk @ 95
9/7 C2b PU
5 Cals AB
rest 90 sec
**Match times from last week