June 1st, 2017


June 1st, 2017



EMOM for 12 min
4 BF Burpee + 3 FS- “same weight as last week”
6 Rounds for time
10 KBS (American)
10 Burpee to 6″ touch
**Start and end with a 400m run this week
Cool Down/ mobility
3 sets
Arms OH Bench Stretch 30 sec
Elbows in box/bench OH Stretch 30 sec (with PVC)
Couch Stretch 30 sec per side


Active recovery
HR should stay between 140-160
400m run
30 sec rest
500m row
30 sec rest
.5 miles AB
30 sec rest
x 4-5 sets
Movemment work
HS Practice
Horse Walk
Spiderman Crawl
Rev Bear Crawl
Ostritch Walk
x 2-3 sets
**Move through these and just play have fun!!!