June 14 2016


June 14 2016


A1. SA KB Press (from half kneeling) 3 x 6 @ 3010 (pronate hand at the top) Heaviest weight from last week
A2. Alternating FR Lunge 3 x 10 “PER SIDE”(1 sec pause with knee on the floor) rest 90 sec after both legs (heaviest weight from last week)
B. 6 KB Snatch per side x 5 sets rest as needed
3 sets
SA KB DL 6 per side (if you need to go heavier you may use the FW handles)
150′ Reverse Bear Crawl
Pro Cobra 60-75 sec hold
rest as needed
200m run
rest 45 sec x 6



A. EMOM for 12 min
1min- 2 Cleans @ 70-75% of 1RM*** you may go up to 80%*** But dont exceed
2 min- 35 DU
4 sets
25 UB WB*** the WB’s need to be UB, this is an endurance set. go down in weight if needed
10/8 T2b
2 min AB (tough pace) not too easy, not too hard