June 13th, 2018


June 13th, 2018



“A. TGU 2 per side x 5 sets rest as needed
B1. Malcolm x 5 sets
B2. Wall Walks x 2 x 5 (last rep hold for 30-45 sec at top) rest as needed
B3. Squat Complex (start w/ bw) x 10 x 5 sets rest as needed
**The goal for the squat complex is to move fast while also
maintaining good body positions and perfect form
3 sets
KB FR Bottom Up Hold 30-45 sec
I,Y,T x 5
Half Kneeling KB Press x 5”


“A. 3 x 10 sec to find max watts rest as needed
3 sets
AB 30 sec buidling effort for 2 min
Ladies-100-150-200-250 watts
Guys-250-300-350-400 watts
straight into
3 sets
9 Thrusters 95/65
9 BF Burpee
rest however long it takes you to do the thrusters/BF Burpee”