July 6th, 2018


July 6th, 2018



“A1. Double KB FS 4 x 7 rest 60 sec
A2. Strict Supinated Pulllup 4 x 5 rest 2 min
4 sets
15 WB
200m run
rest as needed
14 Side Bends (7 per)
Side plank 30 sec per side


“A. Clean Grip DL- Build to a heavy 5 for the day
**Please control all 5 reps to the ground-i.e. do not let go
of the BB until you have controlled and completed the eccentric
on the 5th rep
B. Double KB FS 5 x 5 (HAP)-rest 2-3 min
C1. RIng Dip 4 x 4.4 sets (slow and controlled) rest as needed
**This is a cluster do 4 then rest and then do 4 more for the set
C2. Double KB Row 4 x 8
rest as neeeded after C’s”