July 27 2015


July 27 2015

Hey guys I just want to remind everyone of a few things. First and foremost I really need everyone to update their payment profiles with Box HQ. I created that system to make it easier for all of our clients to purchase products from the store. There have been a few instances where clients will take products and say,” I will pay for it tomorrow.” Then, tomorrow comes and goes and they forget to pay….. Its really only an issue because it takes my attention away from what I want to be doing which is coaching,running the business and growing the business. Almost all of our products are in the system and you can charge them to your accounts if your account has updated payment information. Please help us make this system more effective.

It has also been brought to my attention that I have not been around as much lately. I have been pulled in a lot of different directions the last three weeks. However, if something needs my attention please call me. I only know what I know. I have really tried to put some great systems in place to make sure that the business runs the same whether I am there or not.

As always thank you for your continued support. Thank you for believing in us and thank you for believing in yourself. Onward



A1. Back Squat 7-9 x 4(M), x 6 (F) @ 41×1 no rest
A2. SA DB Row 7-9 x 4(M), x 6 (F) @ 31×3 rest 60-90 sec after both arms
EMOM for 18 min
1 min- 1 TGU per side
2 min- 10-12 KBS
3 min-8 Jumping Lunges per side



A. 3 Position DL Snatch Grip+ Snatch x 5 rest 15 sec after DL; rest 2 min
5 sets
10/15 Cal row
7 PC and Jerk 135/95
5 WW/10 HSPU(if you are using a mat it must be even with the plates)
rest 2 min