July 16th, 2018


July 16th, 2018



“A. Clean + HC + 3 FS- Build to heavy in 5-6 sets
15 min EMOM
1min: 4/5 Strict Pull Ups
2min: 15 Air Squats
3min: 8 BF Burpee
3 sets
20 sec Wtd Arm Circles FWD/Bckwd
10 Band Pull Aparts
5 I’s, Y’s and T’s”


“A. Strict Pullup/T2b/Kipping test
**All members of the Comp group will be tested today on some basic fundamentals of
upper body pulling. I will cover everything and answer all questions w/ each class. I will also
do a Live FB Follow Post regarding our findings and the direction that we will be moving/taking to protect you while also optimizing your current fitness level.
B. Snatch-Work to a heavy technical single for the day in 12 mins
4 sets
10 OHS
10 BF Burpee
12 T2b/Abmat situps + 100′ FCw/ KB”