July 16 2015


July 16 2015


A. For time 20 Wallwalks or 30 HRPU (you may use a band if needed)
B1. Reverse Sled Pull x 5 no rest
B2. 5-10-5 x 2 x 5 rest as needed
B3. Waiter Carry with FW Handle x 5 (length of parking lot; down with one arm, back with the other
Lax Ball Work



A. Clean + FS + SJ 1RM- 12 min
B. For time-20 TGU Alt’ing 70/53
C. Pistol 5 per leg x 4 sets (HAP) rest 2 min b/n legs- Masters will do RFESS
D. (Masters) RFESS 6RM @ 3010- rest as needed
**Knee must touch the ground on every rep